Zach Sprung Eager to Make a Name for Himself in Sauble Speedway Thunder Car Division

Zach Sprung 2017

SAUBLE BEACH, ON – One of a growing number of hungry youngsters ready to carve out a reputation for themselves in a crowded Thunder Car division is first-generation racer Zach Sprung.

The 18-year old sophomore is competing full time in Sauble Speedway’s burgeoning division in 2017 and is on his way to asserting himself as one of the most promising young talents on an increasingly youthful roster.

‘’It would be an honour for me to be a big part of the next generation in this division,’’ smiles Sprung. ‘’This [division] is incredible with how many really talented teams are in it”.

“There are a lot of talented guys on the roster that have been doing their thing for a long time – but there’s a lot of newer talent that are going to be around for a long time. You’re only going to see growth moving forward. It’s an exciting time to be a Thunder Car driver”.

While Sprung is conscious that the road to the top is long – it’s evident he and his family-owned team are more than ready for what lies ahead.

“We’re just out to be a little bit better every time we hit the speedway,” says the personable up-and-comer. “Nothing happens overnight. If we could snap our fingers and gain some experience that would be awesome – but we know that we have to invest the time and effort just like every other guy in the pit area has had to do. We’re not afraid of the process”.

“This is all I’ve ever wanted to do since the first time I sat in the grandstands as a kid,” smiles Sprung. “To own a car and have a team that will work beside me and take this journey with me is awesome”.

“We’re not going to be on top next week – or even next year – but we’re going to be better than we are right now. We’re going to be improving. One foot in front of the other until we can get to the front and start winning races and championships. That’s what we’re out to do”.