Zac Sprung Seeks First Ever Sauble Speedway Podium this Saturday

Zac Sprung 2017 Sauble Speedway

SAUBLE BEACH, ON – Popular up-and-comer Zac Sprung will be back in action with the Sauble Speedway Thunder Car division this Saturday. The first-generation racer has improved by leaps and bounds already this season as he continues to pursue his first career division podium.

“Man, we’ve been living in the shop just trying to get the absolute most out of the equipment we’ve got,” explains Sprung. “You get what you put in. In this sport and in life. We just want to show people the best side of our game. We’re ready to outwork anybody in this division”

Sprung’s family-owned effort is a grassroots operation in the purest sense of the word. And, tasked with competing against some of the division’s best on a weekly basis, Sprung knows there remains no substitute for tenacity and dedication behind the scenes.

“There’s no shortcut in this deal,” shrugs the rising star. “The only way you can get better in this sport is to log the laps on track and to put in the hours in the shop. That’s what I’m about. I’ve never run from hard work my entire life. I just want to get a little better every Saturday – that’s all I ask of myself”

While Sauble’s division is laced with familiar names and veteran talent, there remains a core group of young standouts that continue to establish themselves as ones to watch at ‘the Beach’. Seeing their recent success, Sprung can’t help but wish to join their ranks.

“I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibilities for our team to grab a podium before 2017 is over,” offers Sprung with a smile. “There are a lot of young guys in this division that are doing that every weekend”

“I look up to guys like Jake Zevenbergen and Zack Casemore,” adds the youngster. “I feel like I’m in the same place now that they were in three or four years ago. It’s a huge motivator to see how far they’ve come. I want that. I want to be like them. And that’s what keeps me working as hard as I am.”