Zac Sprung Eager to Showcase Developing Skillset at ‘Battle at the Beach’ Invitational

Zach Sprung at Sauble Speedway 2017

SAUBLE BEACH, ON – As the Ontario short track racing community shifts its focus to Sauble Speedway’s upcoming massive two day weekend, racers and teams from across the province are preparing ways to leave their mark on the first annual ‘Battle at the Beach’ Invitational.

Chief among them will be a number of Sauble Speedway regulars eager to defend their home turf – including Thunder Car up-and-comer Zac Sprung.

‘’We’ve been a little bit better every single Saturday – and that’s exactly what our goal has been all year,’’ explains the rising star. “Shop time is always going to pay off, eventually. We knew that if we could just dedicate ourselves to this car and this team that eventually it would start coming back for us”.

Last week we won our first heat race and that felt like we turned a huge corner,” adds Sprung in reference to his qualifying win during a Sauble weekly event on July 29th. “It might not mean much to some other teams out here – but it absolutely meant the world to us”.

Sprung sees this Sunday’s invitational event as his first chance to introduce his family-run operation to a province-wide fan base whilst competing against some of the best that the Thunder Car division has to offer.

‘’This is a huge deal for everybody on the roster because we know it ‘s a weekend where the entire province is going to have their eyes on Sauble,’’ offers Sprung. “It’s a chance to make a name for ourselves”.

“This is the opportunity that we need to show everyone what our team is capable of. We’re good enough to keep an eye on – we know that. We just need to find a way to prove that on Sunday”.

With the talent that’s currently taking up residence in the Thunder Car division, Sprung knows the road to the top is a long one. However, the rising star is more than willing to bide his time.

‘’We know that it’s an uphill battle to try and establish ourselves in a division like this,’’ shrugs Sprung. ‘’That doesn’t intimidate us at all. The guys we compete against are real talented, but we’re not trying to do this overnight”.

“We just want to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We’re taking it one night at a time. If we can lay down a big run on Sunday it’ll be a huge boost for us, because it will show the rest of this division that we’re for real”.