Veteran Frank Davey in Search of First Win of 2017 this Saturday

Flyn Frank Davey at Sunset Speedway 2017
INNISFIL , ON – Win-less so far through the 2017 season, fan favourite Flyin’ Frank Davey will roll into Sunset Speedway on Saturday, July 29th with a pair of opportunities to clinch his first victory of the season as the NASCAR Super Stock division hosts a pair of full-length 30-lap races.

And while other drivers have admitted that completing two features in a single night with a short turnaround in between is somewhat of a cause for concern, the always-game Davey insists he’s more than ready for the challenge.

‘’If it were up to me we’d race two features every night,’’ says Davey. “I’m really looking forward to the change of pace for the night. I feel like the more feature laps you give me, the better I’m going to be. So Saturday’s format is something that I really think our team can take advantage of. We’re going to be good. We’re going to be quick this weekend”.

Despite the family-operated team’s early struggles through the first half of their 2017 season, the Innisfil , ON driver has not lost his sense of self-belief, as evidenced when asked if he believes there’s a chance his familiar No. 49D will close out the year without a trip to victory lane.

‘’I have no doubt that we’re going to get a win before the end of the season,’’ notes the veteran. “You need to have that mindset in this division – always. Because, if not, it’s real easy to get down on yourself”.

“With the right set of circumstances, we are just as good as any other group of people in the pit area. This car has more than a couple of wins in it. It’s too strong not to. So, if it’s going to happen, I’d love for it to be on Saturday”.

‘’I really don’t get the feeling that anyone has counted us out,’’ continues the multi-time champion. “We’ve been around a long time and we still have a few tricks up our sleeves that I feel can get us back to winning. There’s no replacement for experience”.

“You can’t run as many laps as our team has without learning something. We’ve picked up a lot over the last two years and I think that once we find the way to combine our old stuff with our new stuff it’s going to be real tough to keep us away from that top spot”.