Up-and-Comer Carson Nagy Hoping to ‘Make an Impact’ during Frostoberfest Weekend

Carson Nagy

HAMILTON , ON – Flamboro Speedway Super Stock rookie Carson Nagy will look for a breakthrough performance this weekend, as the third-generation racer prepares to enter his first career ‘Frostoberfest’ invitational.

“The most exciting part about an event like this is the fact that everyone is watching,” explains Nagy. “There aren’t any other pavement tracks racing this weekend – so everyone in the sport is either at Flamboro or following along on social media”

“It’s the perfect chance for a team like ours to really grab some attention,” continues the Mount Hope, ON driver. “I feel like we’re ready to take a big step forward”

Nagy’s freshman campaign has been a quiet one, although the teenager has shown continuous improvement whilst following a strict regiment of patience, learning and equipment preservation.

“We’ve done everything we could to keep this car in one piece night after night,” explains the teenager. “We know that we can’t get any faster if we’re spending all of our time fixing our equipment”

“We’ve learned a lot doing that. I’m a way better driver now than I was at the beginning of the season – hopefully I can show everyone that this weekend”

When asked his goals for the Crown Jewel weekend, Nagy admits his focus is relatively conservative.

“Just qualifying for the feature and finishing both races would be huge for us,” says Nagy. “It sounds like every ‘big name’ driver in the province is going to be there this weekend”

“It’ll be a huge moment for us just to race against that level of talent. We just want to gain experience this weekend that will help us keep improving – and if we can impress a few people while doing that, we’ll definitely be happy.”