Tyler Seaboyer Remains on the Up-Tick in Sunset Speedway Mini Stock Division

Tyler Seaboyer
BOLTON, ON – With a runner-up finish in his most recent start last Saturday, there remains little doubt that Sunset Speedway Mini Stock sophomore Tyler Seaboyer is a driver to keep an eye on. The rising star has tallied three consecutive podium finishes – including his first career feature win – and has developed into one of the most compelling stories within Sunset’s 2018 Mini Stock division.

“Trust me – I’m not fooling myself into thinking that running up front in the Mini Stock division is my ticket to being able to race for a living,” laughs Seaboyer. “But, it’s in my nature to want to do anything that I’m involved with to the best on my ability. I don’t want to come out here with anything less than maximum effort. I’m not afraid of hard work. And I know that if I put in the time and the effort that things will keep paying off for me.”

On the topic of where he feels the level of competition is in the division, Seaboyer credits current points leader Daniel Montanari and fellow championship contender Samantha Shaw for pushing him to invest the hours and effort necessary to evolve his burgeoning program.

“I can’t speak for anybody else – but I absolutely feel like this division gets tougher by the week,” offers the sophomore standout. “I mean, these days, if you can stay on the same straightaway as the [Daniel] Montanaris and the [Samantha] Shaws then you’re doing something right. They set the bar high in this division. I have a ton of respect for the teams we’re racing against – but I know that we can get to a point where we can beat them on any given Saturday.”

With almost an entire half of the season still left to play out, there’s no telling just how much farther Seaboyer can take his team. But, one thing’s for certain, the Bolton, ON racer has every ounce the passion and dedication necessary to one day work his way into championship contention.

“Our team came into this season really just wanting to put together some regular and consistent top-5 finishes,” notes Seaboyer. “So, right now, the podium finishes and the win and everything else just feels like a bit of a bonus. It’s just the by-product of hard work. I’d like to think I’m the living proof that you get what you put in. We’re just going to keep after this car and this package until we know that we can be mentioned in the same breath as the best drivers in this division.”