Travis Hallyburton Invested in Championship Push More Than Ever After June 8th Victory

Travis Hallyburton

HILLSDALE, ON – Fresh off of an impressive feature victory during June 8th NASCAR Whelen All-American Series action, personable Limited Late Model standout Travis Hallyburton is not shy about outlining his goals for the 2019 season.

“We want to take the run that we had (on Saturday) and use that momentum for the rest of the season,” beamed Hallyburton from his team’s Hillsdale, ON race shop Sunday morning. “In a division like this, where everyone is so close together, all it takes is one big night. You lay down one big win and it can get everything moving in your direction.”

“The goal is to get in the shop and work like hell for the next week and improve on what we already know is working with this car. We’ve hit on something and we know that we can get it even stronger with a little massaging here and there.”

Hallyburton did not follow the entirety of the Sunset Speedway schedule in 2018, opting instead to pursue more of an ‘outlaw’ schedule at different tracks across Ontario, and has returned for a fulltime bid at a Sunset Limited Late Model with a few new wrinkles in his game.

“I think stepping back from the weekly night-in and night-out grind absolutely made us better as a team,” details ‘.50 Cal’. “Sometimes you’re so into what you’re doing with these programs that you can’t see the forest for the trees. We made the decision to shake things up (in 2018) and it improved things for us in a big way.”

“With that said, we’ve improved a lot in the last season, but so has everyone else,” adds the multi-time winner with a smirk. “It’s like every time you unload at Sunset, damn near the entire field has taken it up a couple notches. You have to be constantly improving around here if you want to stay relevant.”

As the Sunset schedule prepares to heat up entering the summer months, Hallyburton is ready to stake his claim at a first career track championship.

“I can tell you with a straight face that I want this title now more than I ever have before. You have a night like we did this past Saturday and it really helps you tighten your grip on your whole program. We’re working with confidence now – and that’s a dangerous thing for the rest of this field.”

“We’re going to be here – night-in and night-out – getting better with every lap and making life difficult for any of these other teams trying to beat us,” continues Hallyburton. “This is a championship-caliber team and it’s on me not to let this season slip through our fingers.”