Travis Hallyburton Hopes to take ‘Throwback’ Approach to First Career Championship

Travis Hallyburton
HILLSDALE, ON – These days you don’t have to look very far for examples of just how much the Short Track industry has advanced in recent seasons. However, Sunset Speedway Ltd. Late Model standout Travis Hallyburton still subscribes to a more traditional line of thinking, and is entering the 2018 season with hopes of securing his first career championship on the strength of tireless work and extensive research.

“The more I hear about how a lot of these other teams are handling their stuff – the more I think we’re a bit of a throwback to how things used to be,” says Hallyburton. “We don’t have a lot of the extras that these other guys have, but I don’t feel like it’s held us back at all.”

“We don’t haul to the track in a stacker and toter and we don’t have any fulltime employees wrenching on our stuff, but we’re still good enough to beat anyone on any given night.”

The Hallyburton’s Hillsdale Service Centre team operates from a modest two-bay shop behind the family home. And, after earning a number of feature triumphs in recent years, the former Super Stock standout is ready to push toward’s becoming a regular fixture in victory lane.

‘’We’ve been getting better every year just doing things our own way,’’ explains ‘.50 Cal’. “Running with the best of the best on a regular basis has just kept pushing us to get the most out of our stuff every time the trailer door comes down.”

“95% of the stuff that we do is in-house,” adds Hallyburton. “We don’t have the money to send our stuff our every other week. So, we’ve had to learn and adjust on our own. We’ve stayed sharp because we’ve needed to if we wanted to compete with these elite teams that have the budget to farm out a lot of their operation.”

‘’I’ve spent alot of time watching and learning but I’m definetely ready to take that big step forward,’’ continues the personable standout. “I really believe that our program has surpassed the ‘try our best’ level. We’ve got good stuff and we’ve got an amazing group of people that have put a lot of effort into getting us where we are – so we’re at the ‘it’s time to win’ level now.”