Travis Hallyburton Hopes that Spring Velocity Podium is Sign of Things to Come

Travis Hallyburton
HILLSDALE, ON – Fresh off of a third place finish during Sunset Speedway’s Spring Velocity event on Monday, popular Ltd. Late Model standout Travis Hallyburton is ready for a return to weekly NASCAR Whelen All-American Series competition this Saturday with renewed focus and confidence.

“It’s always nice to get a little reminder that you know how to drive these cars,” joked Hallyburton after clearing post-race technical inspection. “We had a great car tonight. I was real happy to be able to give these guys a run they could be proud of – because our whole team really busts their asses on these cars every single night.”

“We’re ready to win races again,” continued the multi-time Sunset Speedway feature winner. “We ran up front with some of the best guys in the province today and we’re just going to keep improving on this package to make it better and better.”

And, while his podium finish came during Great Lakes Concrete Series competition, Hallyburton knows that the same strategy that led to his success on Monday will help his team return to the front during Saturday’s NWAAS event.

“At the end of the day – the most important things to remember are your fundamentals,” noted ‘.50 Cal’. “Wether it’s a Great Lakes Series event, a weekly feature or a Crown Jewel – you’re approaching it the same way. It’s about being responsible, respecting your equipment, respecting the equipment of the guy next to you and not overdriving your car. If you can do that – you’re going to be alright.”

“I’m not sure you’re ever going to have a ‘perfect’ racecar,” reasoned Hallyburton. “It’s just all about problem solving. That’s what racing at any level really boils down to. I need to be able to take the car that my guys give me and make gains with it throughout the night.”

“We’re comfortable with the car we have and we’re getting more and more adjusted to this new setup package,” continued the Hillsdale, ON racer. “So we’ll get back in the shop this week, put our heads down, get our hands dirty and go back to work. That way, the next time you see us, we’ll be even better be than we were tonight.”