Top-5 Finish has Jade Franklin “Jacked” Up Heading Into July 15th Compition

Jade Franklin Sunset Speedway

COLDWATER, ON – Third-year Super Stock competitor Jade Franklin broke through for a top-5 finish in July 8th competition at Sunset Speedway.

The first-generation racer has endured a trying first half to his 2017 season, but registered his most impressive run thus far in Saturday’s NWAAS action.

“Man, we needed this so badly, this is an incredible feeling,” exclaimed Franklin post-race.

“It’s awesome to have a group of people like we do that all move in the same direction and all want the same thing. It’s like a machine. But, every once in a while, you have to put some gas in that machine, and that’s what this finish tonight does”.

Franklin credited his Jaded Motorsports team for working with him in recent weeks and is confident the team is headed for big things in the months to come.

“I can’t possibly thank my guys enough for sticking with me through our rough patches,” said Franklin. “My team, my parents and my sponsors have never stopped believing in what we can do – and that means so much. They doubted us”.

“We’ve had some frustrating nights but we’ve gotten through it,” added the Coldwater, ON racer. “I’ve been able to learn how to adjust when the car isn’t perfect and that definitely helps”.

When asked what he has planned for a follow-up, Franklin outlined just how paramount it is for the team to continue their recent improvement.

“Now we have to take this momentum and run with it,” said Franklin. “A top-5 finish here is a big deal. We’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot and follow up with another strong night next Saturday”.

“We’ve got a great car, a great crew and it’s all starting to come together for us. Next weekend we’re going to be here ready to lay our cards on the table and take a shot at the podium”.