Tim Ellis Set for 2019 Debut during Sauble Speedway’s ‘Big Z Salute to Racing’ this Saturday

Tim Ellis

KITCHENER, ON – Short track veteran Tim Ellis will make his first start of the season this Saturday as Sauble Speedway hosts the first round of their much-talked about Pro Late Model mini-series.

The four race series is anticipated to draw some of the top Late Model talent from across the province, with Ellis readying himself for a stiff challenge.

“We know that we’re going to be out there with some of the absolute best guys in Ontario,” says Ellis. “These are guys that are going to keep us honest. You aren’t going to ‘luck’ into much against the roster we’re going to be competing with”

“The Pro Late (Model) division is always exciting to race in because you know what grade of talent you’re going up against. I think there’s a lot of value in competing against teams that are going to push you to demand more of yourself and your program – because you can’t just find that anywhere”

With an abbreviated schedule, Ellis understands the need for his program to be as close to flawless as possible, as he looks to chase down the mini-series’ inaugural championship.

“With only 4 races to race for a championship you can’t leave anything on the table,” offers the well-spoken veteran. “Our team has full intentions of winning some races this year. Sauble’s done a fantastic job of putting this (Pro Late Model) deal together and they’ve garnered a lot of attention from some pretty big names in the division”

“No matter who we’re racing against – we have a ton of belief in our car and our program,” adds Ellis. “We’ve been doing this a long time and understand what type of preparation you need if you want to succeed against top-level talent. We won’t come unprepared”

The evening’s feature event will be 46-laps in length – a salute to Bill Zardo Sr. for whom the night is named – which will provide the competitors less time to strategize than the usual 100-laps allotted in traditional Pro Late Model events.

“46-laps really isn’t that much time on a track as tight as Sauble,” explains Ellis. “You have to be that much more careful about the decisions you make. Because, if you dig yourself a hole early, you just don’t have the laps that you normally would to try and work yourself back into the race”

“Our strategy is to bide our time early and pick our spot,” continues the multi-time Sauble feature winner. “We’ll make our move once it presents itself and then just hope we can outrun the rest of these guys.”