The Views Have Changed but the Game is the Same for Super Stock Veteran Frank Davey

Frank Davey at Sunset Speedway
ALCONA BEACH, ON – With a career that has spanned over two decades, longtime Simcoe County standout Flyin’ Frank Davey has just about seen it all and done it all in the Thunder Car-turned-Super Stock division. Now, as he works to reinvent his family-owned team in an effort to return to former glory, the multi-time feature winner can’t help but take note of all that has changed in the class he’s called home for so many years.

“There will be some Saturday afternoons (at Sunset Speedway) where I’m standing on our [pit] pad and I catch myself looking around and thinking about how much these [Super Stock] cars have changed in the last ten years,” explains Davey. “The division’s come a long way. And there have been a lot of weekends where I’m just sort’ve scratching my head trying to figure out how to keep up with all the changes”.

“Our team has done a real good job of adjusting these last couple years. It’s definitely been tough – because I don’t think there’s another division of car anywhere in Ontario that has had as many large scale rule changes as the Super Stocks”.

However, despite the distinct change in landscape, Flyin’ Frank insists his focus and outlook on the task at hand remains the same: get to the front and win races.

“We’re still not all the way there yet – but we’re a lot further along than we were two years ago,” says the veteran. “We’re moving in the right direction. We have to be just to keep up with some of the kids in the division right now. There’s some phenomenal talent here – and trying to find ways to keep it behind you makes you a better racer”.

“You have to work that much harder to pull out something special just to keep these kids in check. I was a grown man by the time I had started racing, but a lot of these kids have been doing it since grade school. That’s one of the biggest changes of the last decade”.

When asked if he considers 2017 to mark the downside of his on-track career, the well-liked Alcona Beach, ON racer quickly brushes off any notion of riding off into the proverbial sunset.

“I still feel like I have a lot of gas in the tank as far as racing goes,” insists Davey on the topic of retirement. “I’m not done yet. Not by a long-shot. We restructured our program in a big way over the offseason to be able to compete the way we need to [in 2017]”.

“We go home every Saturday after we’ve loaded up at the end of the night with a new list things we want to try so we can make this car faster,” adds the former champion. “You don’t have that mindset when you’re about to throw up your hands and call it a day. We’re hoping to be around for a few more years, still”.

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