‘The King of Old School’ Sets Sights on Frostoberfest

Kenny McNicol Jr.

EXETER, ON – Super Stock mainstay Kenny McNicol Jr. will chase his first career Frostoberfest victory this Saturday and Sunday, as his Country Corners-supported outfit heads to Flamboro Speedway for the second event in Ontario’s lauded ‘Playoff Season’.

Teams will qualify Saturday ahead of Sunday’s twin 30-lap feature races, with the overall winner holding the best combined finish at the end of Sunday’s event.

“The secret to a lot of these Invitationals – where you get all the best guys together in one place – is to hang back and let things sort themselves out early,” suggests McNicol. “But, Frostoberfest is a lot different, because the lap count is shorter and there are two features you need to worry about.”

“When you’re averaging out two finishes you don’t have the luxury of hanging back,” adds the veteran. “This format forces you to try and move forward every lap. It’s all about picking up positions. That’s part of what makes this race so difficult to win.”

While he’s no stranger to top-level invitational competition, McNicol has not yet tasted victory in Flamboro’s most anticipated annual event.

“This race is right at the top of our bucket list,” says the longtime Super Stock regular. “We want this win real bad. We’ve unloaded at Flamboro with a good car just about every year and we just haven’t been able to put it all together yet.”

“Hopefully we can snap that streak this weekend,” continues McNicol with a smile. “We know what we’re getting into. It’s no walk in the park. There are going to be fast cars in the pits from every track in the province and we’re excited to see just where this team stacks up.”

A multi-time feature winner at facilities across Ontario, McNicol credits the level of competition at events like Frostoberfest for helping improving his family-owned race team.

“These Crown Jewels are the type of events that really show a guy where his program’s at,” explains the Sauble Speedway representative. “When you can come out and test yourself against the best of the best, it’s the perfect measuring stick for figuring out what’s working and what needs improving.”

“It’s going to be an honour to strap in and race against some of these guys – but we wouldn’t be packing up and hauling all the way to Flamboro if we didn’t think we had a chance to win.”