Thayne Hallyburton to Chase Sunset Speedway Ltd. Late Model Championship in 2018

Thayne Hallyburton
HILLSDALE, ON – Hard-nosed veteran Thayne Hallyburton has confirmed his Hillsdale Service Centre-supported outfit will be back at Sunset Speedway fulltime in 2018 to chase their first ever Ltd. Late Model championship.

“I feel like we’ve had a championship-ready program for a few years now and we just haven’t been able to pull the trigger,” explains Hallyburton. “Wanting to come back and get that retribution is what motivates me.”

“I can’t think about what’s next for us until we can win a Sunset [Speedway] championship because there’s no doubt in my mind our team is good enough. Knowing that we’re fast enough to be champions keeps me up at night.”

But, with a roster brimming with former champions and Crown Jewel winners, Hallyburton knows that a quality team and top-level equipment is not enough to manage a Sunset championship.

“When you have that many good cars and drivers – it’s not enough to just be good,” explains ‘The Hillsdale Hurricane’. “You have to be lucky. You have to be consistent. You have to keep from making mistakes every single Saturday. There are a lot of moving parts, for sure.”

A multi-time division winner at Sunset and the now shuttered Barrie Speedway, Hallyburton has long established himself as one of the division’s toughest competitors. However, he insists a division championship will bring credibility that feature wins never could.

“It’s an honour to call yourself a winner anytime you can get one over on the guys in this division – but it’s something completely different to be a champion,” says Hallyburton. “When you can clinch a title and get to the top of the mountain – no one can ever take it away from you. That’s an accomplishment that stays with you forever.”

“I want that more than anything in the world,” adds the Hillsdale, ON native. “I’m not going to let anyone outwork us this season. We’re coming loaded to bear and we just have to hope it’s enough.”