Taylor Thring looking forward to strapping back in the driver’s seat at Frostoberfest

Taylor Thring 2017

BURLINGTON,ON- “My sophomore season was abit disappointing, between wrecks, mechanical problems and disagreements, But that is just a part of the learning curve.”

Although off track I had the time of my life building #BurnOutTheBully. After missing almost 2 months of racing,It gave me time to put this very important adventure together that means so much to me.

” I’m excited to strap back into the car this weekend and get behind the wheel of my #55 Starvan Systems, Pure Energy Performance, Staangs Fab, Georgetown Printing, B&B Decals,CRP, IFC Ford Mustang.”

“I can’t thank my sponsors, family and friends enough for all there continue support, With out them none of this would be possible.”

” Friday night I will probably not be able to sleep, with all the excitement of being back behind the wheel, Saturday when we unload my main goal is to keep the fenders on her and qualify straight to Sunday’s twin features.”

“But whatever happens it will be just another valuable experience and more seat time in my hotrod, I know the elite talent that will be making there way to Frostoberfest, Making it into the field willnt be an easy task , But one that I am willing to give a shot at”.