Taylor Holdaway “Stoked” to Be Racing at Sunset Speedway This Saturday on Fan Appreciation Night

Taylor Holdaway driving for Danny Benedict

ORONO, ON – This Saturday – as former Velocity 250 winner Danny Benedict prepares to hit the track for Round 2 of the APC United Late Model Series season at Flamboro Speedway – the Benedict Family-owned No. 54 will be competing during Sunset Speedway’s ‘Fan Appreciation Night’ with a very familiar stand-in.

Former champion Taylor Holdaway has been tasked with piloting Benedict’s entry this Saturday, as he looks to remain sharp in between scheduled Pro Late Model appearances.

“We hadn’t really planned on doing much Limited Late Model racing at all this season because we were so focused on our Pro Late (Model) stuff,” explains Holdaway. “But, when Danny called me and asked if I wanted to come out and keep his team in the (Sunset Speedway) points standings while he’s tour racing, I didn’t take long to say yes.”

“The Benedict’s have done an incredible job of building their program up over the last three years,” continues Holdaway. “They have great equipment and their setup package is getting better every single week. It’s an honour to have the chance to drive for them and see if we can’t get them to victory lane.”

For Benedict, the experience of having raced against Holdaway in the past made it a simple decision to hire ‘Hollywood’ for a Fan Appreciation Night appearance.

“Our team has said all year that we’re fully committed to chasing a Sunset Speedway championship despite our APC Series deal,” Benedict added. “That means that there was going to be a night or two that I’d need a fill-in and Taylor was absolutely the first name that came to mind.”

“He’s a tough guy to race against because he’s so damn good but that’s exactly why we want him in our car. He’s won a ton of races at Sunset and he’s a former champion. I’m hoping that having him as part of our team will not only keep us in contention for wins when I’m out on the road, but also provide me with another sounding board to bounce setup ideas off of.”

“It’s an exciting deal for us,” adds Benedict. “Right now it’s just a one-race deal but we’ll see what happens. I’m not entirely sure how many races I have to miss this season, so this partnership could absolutely be the start of something interesting.”