Taylor Holdaway set to Chase Win Number 3 on Saturday

Taylor Holdaway Sunset Speedway 2017
ORILLIA, ON – Locked in a battle for his second Sunset Speedway NASCAR Late Model championship in three seasons, divisional standout Taylor Holdaway will return to action this Saturday, July 22nd after a much-deserved week off intent on collecting his third win of the 2017 campaign and pulling closer to current point leader Gord Shepherd.

“I’m confident in saying that Saturday might be the best night we’ve had this season,” says Holdaway. “Our whole team has been working for what feels like night and day on this car since we brought it home and we feel like we’ve found the setup package we’ve been looking for. I can’t wait to feel how good this car is right off the trailer”.

Holdaway will enter July 22nd’s event sitting 3rd in NASCAR Late Model points – just 4-markers removed from the runner-up position. And as the season reaches its fevered pitch, the Orillia, ON hotshoe knows its time to elicit peak performances in each start.

“We’ve been good so far this year – but we need to be better,” says ‘Hollywood’. “We understand that we have to find another level to get to if we want to really pressure for this championship”.

“This might be the closest points race I’ve ever been a part of. There are 5 of us within striking distance right now and we’ve all had some real good nights. These guys are taking their programs just as serious as we take ours – but we need to find a way to go a little further than them”.

With Holdaway’s future as a Sunset Speedway Ltd. Late Model regular uncertain, his family-owned team is more motivated than ever to become two-time champions.

“I owe it to the team to make sure that I’m doing everything I can to maximize our presence this season,” offers Holdaway. “You never know how many opportunities you’re going to have to contend for a championship”.

“We don’t know where we’ll be next season or how much racing we’ll be doing – so this is important to us. We want this championship real bad – and I’ll do anything I can to make it happen”.