Taylor Holdaway Set on ‘Go’ for Fairgrounds Speedway’s All American 400 Weekend

Taylor Holdaway

ORILLIA, ON – With a strong 6th-place finish in January’s ‘Speedfest’ event at Georgia’s Watermelon Capital Speedway, accomplished Ontario Late Model standout Taylor Holdaway is ready to return to action on Sunday April 14th at Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville.

The event will set the stage for Holdaway’s next change to further diversify his success outside of his home province, as he works to solidify his team’s status as a factor in the Pro Late Model division.

“We’ve been preparing for (Nashville) for almost two months now – so we’re definitely ready,” smiles Holdaway. “We know that the more we push ourselves – and the more exposure we have to top-level competition – the better we’re going to be.”

“When you put yourself in tough situations eventually you’re going to give yourself a mental template for how you need to react,” adds the second-generation racer. “I’m hoping that we can get to a point where we can unload anywhere – at any track – and just know how to react and how to make adjustments to get the most out of our equipment.”

After enjoying a myriad of success in the Limited Late Model division at speedways across Ontario – highlighted by a pair of weekly championships at Sunset Speedway – Holdaway has dedicated his 2019 campaign to travelling to events across the United States in search of new competition and challenges.

I’ve had a ton of success with this team and I wouldn’t trade any aspect of it for anything else in the world.”

“This group is just a bunch of family and friends that like to win and are willing to work,” continues the Orillia, ON native. “A lot of the fields we’re racing against have cars with teams spinning the wrenches that are doing this for a living. That’s never going to be us – but we’re also never going to let it intimidate us.”

While Holdaway surrenders a great deal of financial backing to a multitude of the teams he’s competing against, he maintains belief that his family-backed effort is more than capable of succeeding with the right strategy.

“At the end of the day – no matter how much money you’re spending – you still have to make the right decisions during the race,” notes Holdaway. “I’m confident in our ability to do that.”

“We know how to conserve and we know how to keep from making mistakes in ‘big pressure’ situations because we’ve been doing it for years at home. As long as we don’t dig ourselves a hole early in the race, I know that we can be a factor when the laps really start to matter.”

Taylor Holdaway’s 2019 efforts are sponsored by Holdaway Automotive, Streamline Race Products, Arbonne – Sarah Elliott, Sunshine Superwash and McLean & Dickey Insurance.