Taylor Holdaway Bringing High Expectations to Sunset Speedway’s Spring Velocity

Taylor Holdaway
ORILLIA, ON – Count former Sunset Speedway champion Taylor Holdaway as one of the many Ontario short trackers anticipating the debut of the upstart Great Lakes Concrete Ltd. Late Model Series.

The series – a collaborative six-race effort split between Sunset and Sauble Speedway – will take center stage during this weekend’s Sunset Speedway Spring Velocity event.

“Honestly – it would take a lot to keep us from a big event at Sunset,” admits Holdaway. “No matter what our schedule looks like – we’re always going to make an effort to be a part of the biggest shows possible.”

“You know that you have a few things to look forward to when it comes to a ‘Crown Jewel’ event at Sunset,” adds the second-generation racer. “You know that the pits are going to be packed, the stands are going to be jammed and the atmosphere is going to be unreal. As long as we have a car in the shop, I can’t see us missing a big show at Sunset.”

And, while Holdaway has no plans of competing fulltime at Sunset as he has in recent seasons, his team still expects to perform at their best when they unload on Sunday.

“We definitely expect a lot of ourselves,” explains ‘Hollywood’. “That’s the culture we’ve built this team around. I wouldn’t change it for the world. We have a chemistry that makes us capable of winning every time we roll out of the trailer.”

“We’re expecting to be in the mix this weekend,” continues Holdaway with a smile. “I mean – I feel like we’re capable of pulling out a win anywhere. But, we’re especially good at Sunset. Our program is good, our team is top notch and our equipment is some of the best I’ve ever had. So, I’m excited to see what we can make happen on Sunday.”

The Orillia, ON racer is non-committal when asked of his plans for the rest of his 2018 campaign, but admits that a strong start to the Great Lakes Series this weekend could force his hand in more ways than one.

“I haven’t put together a firm schedule for our team this season,” says the multi-time Sunset Speedway feature winner. “We knew coming into this year that we weren’t going to be chasing points at Sunset. But, outside of that, our schedule is as open-ended as its ever been.”

“I’d like to say that you really don’t know where you’ll see us this season,” continues the fan favourite. “But, if we can walk out of this weekend with the [Great Lakes Series] points lead, then we might just see how far we can take that deal.”