Super Stock Veteran Ryan Semple Showcasing Newfound Consistency in Push for First Career Track Championship

Ryam Semple at Sunset Speedway 2017
THORNTON, ON – Enjoying a career year in the Sunset Speedway Super Stock division, ‘Kid Ruckus’ Ryan Semple has graduated from an on-again off-again presence at the front of the field to a certified championship contender. Thanks in part to the enviable consistency that Semple has harnessed through the first-half of the season, the Auto Trim of Barrie-sponsored wheelman is locked in a compelling battle for the 2017 division title with fellow standout Jordan Howse.

‘’This is really the first time we sat down as a team over the off-season and made the decision to race for a championship,’’ says Semple. “It’s a huge commitment, man. This is the furthest thing from a one-man show”.

“You need good sponsors, you need an understanding spouse, you need dedicated guys that will ride with you every Saturday to keep you running – there’s a long list that you have to have to contend here. We’re lucky enough to have all of them right now, so we knew this was our best chance to try and make something happen”.

At present, Semple sits 2nd in the championship standings, 28-points behind current leader Howse with two months of racing remaining.

‘’This has been a different experience than anything else I’ve been through in this sport,’’ explains the fan-favourite. “For the last ten years, we’ve mostly been a team that was built for 4 or 5 good nights. We would take a run at a couple wins every summer and put up some podiums, but that was about it. And that was fine for us”.

“Now, we’re a team that’s built for 20 good nights. It’s a night-and-day difference. We have a strong enough team right now to give anyone in this division a good run on any given night”.

This Saturday, Semple will need an impressive performance should he expect to keep with Howse in the standings, as the division prepares for a tightly-packed schedule through the months of August and September.

“We’re coming up on a pretty busy time of the year so, yah, it’s time to get going,” laughs Semple. “A win would be a huge shot in the arm for us right now. If we can park this car under the flagstand on Saturday it’ll show our team – and everyone else – that we’re ready to press on for that championship”.