Super Stock Veteran Robbie Sikes, Happy with his return to Super Stock Competition

Robbie Sikes Heat Win 2017
Alcoa, ON- Following a strong return to Super Stock racing during Sunset Speedway’s season opener on April 29th, veteran Robbie Sikes is ready for a full slate of weekly competition in 2017.

“It felt amazing to get out and put together a complete race night from start to finish,” says Sikes of his first Super Stock appearance in several seasons. “We sat on the sidelines for way too long and it never got easier. Every week out of the seat was harder than the one before it”

“We’re not wasting any more time,” adds the pilot of his family-owned No. 37. “We’re all in. This program has all of our hard work and effort in it. We’re swinging for the fences. We’re aiming for victory lane”

Although Sikes has been removed from competition since the end of the 2014 season, a partnership with rising star Jade Franklin has kept the veteran in close proximity to the Super Stock ranks as a team member and driver coach.

“I haven’t exactly just been sitting on the couch for two years,” quips Sikes. “The whole time I’ve been away from driving I’ve been thinking about coming back and putting together different setups and combinations that I want to use”

“Working with Jade and his guys has been awesome,” continues the Hawkestone, ON-based driver. “Being around a team like that with guys who are open to trying new things is a huge benefit. It’s helped me gain a real understanding of what’s working and what isn’t with these cars right now”

After having watched the division develop into one of the highlights of Ontario’s weekly short track scene, Sikes remains confidence his operation is as good as any vying for a Sunset championship in 2017.

“The Super Stocks have gotten better every season,” observes the veteran when asked his opinion on the state of the division. “As far as I’m concerned – these cars are the show anywhere you go in Ontario. The equipment gets better every season and the drivers get more talented”

“I think Sunset’s division is incredibly deep. That’s why I’ve been dying to get back out here for two years straight. I’m excited to run with these teams again. I don’t think there’s anyone on this roster that we can’t give a run to on our best days – and I can’t wait to see if I’m right or not.”