Super Stock Veteran Kenny Grubb Chasing 5th Sauble Speedway Championship in Six Years

Kenny Grubb

WALKERTON, ON – Longtime Super Stock division heavyweight Kenny Grubb will once again return to fulltime Sauble Speedway competition in 2019, set to pursue an incredible 5th championship in the last six seasons.

The accomplished veteran has worked hard to become the de facto measuring stick by which other Sauble Speedway teams compare themselves – but he knows that a fifth championship is anything but guaranteed.

“I’m fortunate to have the equipment and the team that I do – because we’re starting at square-one all over again on ‘Opening Night’,” says Grubb. “The rest of these guys aren’t going to just pull over for us because we’ve won some championships. If we’re going to beat them we need to come with our best”

“I believe that if we’re going to run for championship number five we’ll have to work harder than we ever have before. The division is only getting better every season and the roster is a lot deeper than a lot of people realize”

The Walkerton, ON-based racer openly credits the depth of Sauble’s growing Super Stock youth movement – including multitiple-time winners Zack Casemore and Jake Zevenbergen – for providing a more storyline at ‘the Beach’ that becomes more compelling by the year.

“The young guys on this roster don’t ever seem to stop improving,” says Grubb. “They keep our team on our toes. You can’t take a night off against these kids because they want it every bit as bad as you do”

“If you get lazy or careless, they’re all over you. It makes for great racing. I enjoy running with guys like Jake (Zevenbergen) and Brandon (McConnell) and Zack (Casemore) because I know it’s a great show for the fans”

And, while Grubb has experienced what could be described as immeasurable success for most other racers in the division, there’s no questioning the motivation and desire he still feels to come out and compete at the highest level.

“I don’t feel – for one minute – like I’m coming close to the end of my time as a driver,” smiles Grubb. “Our team still has a lot of wins left in us and we have more championships that we’re going to chase together”

“I’m not slowing down and I’m just as excited pulling into the pits now as I’ve ever been. I can’t wait for this season to get started so I can get back behind the wheel and figure out some new ways to keep these guys behind me.”

Photo credit Debbie Jo Zardo