Super Stock Rookie Gerrit Tiemersma On Pace For Breakout Season in 2017

Gerrit Tiemersma

NEWMARKET, ON – It took rising star Gerrit Tiemersma only three starts to earn his first career Super Stock feature win. And, coming off of that June 3rd triumph, it certainly looks as though the former Mini Stock standout is only beginning to scratch the surface of what’s to come for the popular freshman.

“As amazing as the car has felt so far, we’re still taking things one week at a time,” smiles the third-generation star when asked his mindset following last Saturday’s win.

“I had never imagined we’d be able to be this strong right out of the gate. I can’t believe how good this piece is. My guys have given me an incredible car every single week and it’s made this early transition a lot easier”.

The well-spoken teenager wastes little time offering credit to the veteran-heavy Super Stock roster, noting how difficult it is to best some of the province’s best weekly competitors.

“I have a lot of respect for the guys we’re racing with night in and night out,” says Tiemersma. “I’ve watched a lot of these teams for years and I know the kind of effort that they invest in their programs”.

“None of them have been successful by accident. These guys work hard and to be able to run with them let’s us know we’re doing something right”.

“The [Super Stock] division is a huge step-up in competition,” adds the Newmarket, ON native. “There isn’t a guy on this roster that’s going to give you an inch out there for any reason. They make it hard on you”.

“You aren’t really going to luck into much against these teams. You have to work for absolutely every position”.

And when asked his family-owned team’s goals for the 2017 campaign, Tiemersma exudes maturity well beyond his years.

“It’s our first season on the roster – so we’re not overly worried about what the numbers and stats are going to say,” explains Tiemersma.

“Our goal is to look and feel as though we belong with these teams. If we can make that happen then we’ll feel as though we accomplished what we set out to do”.

Photo credit to Ashley McCubbin