Sunset’s Johnny Morrison Eager to get the Season Underway

Johnny Morrison
BARRIE, ON – Having announced his new role as a Super Stock Car Owner/Driver in 2018, second-generation competitor Johnny Morrison has a brand new outlook heading into Sunset Speedway’s April 28th season opener.

“Being our on my own this year is a way different feeling than what I’m used to having on opening night,” explains Morrison.

“Right now, my expectations are to come out and learn this setup package and find a way to get this piece to work in a way that’ll help us outrun the rest of these guys all year long.”

Morrison will take the reigns of the family-operated outfit, replacing his father Rob Morrison at the head of the proverbial table for 2018.

“My Dad has done such an incredible job building up our program – so I have some really, really big shoes to fill,” explains the former feature winner. “This year my only goal is to really learn and understand the chassis and the suspension aspect of the game.”

“I want to get to a place where I can come off the track and make precise changes to the car to make it better,” continues Morrison. “It’s going to be a lot of trial and error. Because, for the longest time, all I’ve ever had to worry about was driving the car. Now – there’s a lot more on my plate.”

And although the team has tapered their expectations entering the season, Morrison remains confident in their ability to continue outworking their opposition.

“I just want to make the absolute most of what we have,” says Morrison. “We’re never going to outdollar the rest of these guys, but that’s nothing new. We don’t mind playing the underdog role at all. So I’m hoping to do my homework more than ever before, put the time in at the shop and at the track, and come out to surprise some people this season.”