Sunset  Speedway Up Next For Dan Archibald

Dan Archibald

INNISFIL, ON –The OSCAAR Hot Rod Tour multi-time winner could very well be an favourite to keep an eye on when the #07 makes its next visit this Saturday.
“I think our big-track program might be what we’re most proud of right now,” says Archablad. “We’ve made leaps and bounds with that portion of our setup package and I’m really looking forward to seeing how much further we can push it.”
“Picking up another feature win would give us a huge shot in the arm for us,” adds the grisild veteran. “We took a lot of notes on what worked and what didn’t when we tested there. So, these guys can expect us to be even better this time around.”
Danimal has been slowly but steadily carving out a name for himself as a driver keep your eyes on over the last three seasons, and is more than ready to do what he has to do to get the next taste of victory.
“People tend to remember the guys that win,So, that’s our goal coming into Saturday. A good performance in hopes of another picture holding a checkered flag.”
Dan insists that he would be carrying the same intensity into the event regardless of where it was contested.
“Our focus is on improving our team and our program in every possible way,” says Archablad “The only way we’re going to accomplish that right now is to treat every single event like it’s the most important one of our season.”
“We want to be as close to perfect as we can get every single time the we roll off the trailer. That’ll be the goal on Saturday and that’ll stay the goal for every single race this season.”