Strong Opening Night Performance Indicative of Continued Progression for Kevin Albers

Kevin Albers

ROCKTON, ON – Flamboro Speedway championship hopeful Kevin Albers earned a 5th and 2nd-place finish in Saturday’s twin Pro Late Model feature event to open up the 2019 season.

Albers – the runner-up to the 2018 Flamboro Speedway championship – dedicated the entirety of his off-season to improving every facet of his family-run team with hopes of returning better than ever in the Spring.

“Running near the front all night and then coming home with two real strong finishes was a huge motivator for us,” says Albers. “As a owner/operator – especially one that hopes to run for a championship – you have to have a lot of confidence because the rest of the team feeds off of that. But, just like anyone else on the roster, I have feelings self-doubt the closer we get to race day.”

“You’re riding to the track thinking ‘Was this change the right one?’ Or ‘Did we make the right decision on this corner of the car?’,” explains the personable veteran. “So to come out on opening night and set a tempo for ourselves like we did, it’s a real good feeling.”

Last season, Albers had expressed a growing fondness for the package that his team had worked relentlessly to develop after moving to the headline division off the strength of a very successful tenure in Flamboro’s perennially competitive Thunder Car division.

This year, he believes that his team has the ability to push their package to new heights in search of solidifying themselves as a legitimate threat to the 2019 division title.

“We feel better about this car than we ever have before,” says Albers. “Now we just have to keep this momentum rolling into the next week all season long. You always need some luck when you’re taking a run at the points – but you still have to work yourself into a position to succeed.”

“You’ll never be able to control what your competition is doing,” adds the multi-time Thunder Car winner. “All you can do is make sure that you’re in the shop putting in the effort, making the right decisions and giving yourselves the chance to be as successful as possible every time you roll into the pits.”

Albers will spend the remainder of this week preparing his familiar No. 27 for Round 2 of the Flamboro Speedway season on May 11th.

“Two top-5s are a good feeling but we don’t really have the luxury of sitting around and patting ourselves on the back,” notes Albers. “We have to stay ready. We have to make sure that we’re at our best this coming Saturday. I know that there is the potential for some feature wins in this car and we’re going to keep working at it until we can get there.”