Sophomore Justin Holmes Working to Find Footing in Crowded Super Stock Division

Justin Holmes Sunset Speedway
BARRIE, ON – After a first half of the season mostly spent getting to know his brand new chassis, Super Stock sophomore Justin Holmes turned in the strongest outing of his 2017 Sunset Speedway season on July 1st with an impressive 6th place finish in the 30-lap feature event. Now, with rebuilt confidence and motivation, Holmes is eager to return to competition on July 8th to hunt down his first career division victory.

‘’I don’t want to blame every part of our start on new car blues, but getting to know this new piece has taken up a lot of our effort,’’ explains the second-generation racer.

“These first two months have been all about finding that right combination that we need. Understanding what will work and what won’t work to bring this car to life”.

“We had a tried and tested method for our old chassis that just doesn’t work for this new one,” adds the former Mini Stock standout. “Starting from scratch with a setup has taken longer than we wanted it to, but we feel more confident than ever that we have something for the top-5 on a nightly basis now”.

While Holmes is a relative newcomer to the Super Stock scene, his father Jason was a longtime stalwart of what was formerly known as the Thunder Car division, and with that sort of family tenure Justin displays an innate understanding of the ebbs and flows of short track racing.

‘’It absolutely takes equal parts hard work and luck to get ahead in this division,’’ offers Holmes. ‘’Every car is so even now that the lap times between 1st and 15th are closer than they’ve ever been. That makes it hard to make up ground some nights but it also means you’re never really as ‘down and out’ as you feel. You can always fight your way back. Our season has been far from perfect so far, but we can really feel that its starting to turn around”.

‘’My Dad and the rest of our guys have definitely hit on something for the second half of the season,” continues the Barrie, ON native.

“We’re so excited to get back out there this Saturday. I’m looking forward to every lap we’re going to turn because I know we have something that’s going to contend. Our team has been saying all season that we’ve got a few wins in this car – now it’s time to come out and back that talk up”.