Sean Grosman Intent on Clinching Fast Eddie Racewear Series Championship with Velocity 250 Win

Sean Grosman at Sunset Speedway 2017

NORTH MIAMI, FL – The Fast Eddie Racewear Super Late Model series’ 2017 championship battle will come to a head this Sunday. Point leader Sean Grosman will carry a 1-point advantage into Sunset’s crown jewel Velocity 250 event, with Glenn Watson and Derrick Tiemersma in hot pursuit.

“I’ve never been in a points race his tight,” notes Grosman. “There are four guys that can win this championship and it’s going to come down to whoever has the best night on Sunday. That’s exciting stuff. This is the sort’ve thing our team lives for. We thrive off of this pressure.”

Grosman credits his opposition with putting up a fight unlike any he’s had thus far – but he maintains that his SMG Motorsports outfit will be prepared to do what’s necessary in order to come out on top this Sunday.

“We put this car together to race against top shelf competition – and the [Fast Eddie Racewear] Series has given us that,” says ‘The Frequent Flyer’. “Glenn [Watson] is a tough guy to top. He’s going to bring it on Sunday and he’s going to make sure we’re working nonstop to keep him behind us. Derrick [Tiemersma] too. Both of them have kept us on our toes all year.”

For the Florida native, a Velocity 250 win coupled with a Series championship, is every bit as much about his team as it is personal glory.

“Everything we do – we do to win,” smiles Grosman confidently. “This is the best car I’ve ever owned. We’re coming to to Sunset to win our first Velocity and clinch our first Super [Late Model] championship.”

“My guys aren’t going to settle for anything less than that. They’ve worked endlessly on this car all Summer and I’m going to give them something to celebrate.”