Sauble’s Thunder Car Invitational Provides Ideal Opportunity for Jaymee Adams to ‘Make a Name’

Jaymee Adams

SAUBLE BEACH, ON – As the Sauble Speedway Thunder Car division prepares for its second invitational in two weeks, hometrack favourite Jaymee Adams is readying her familiar No. 99 to register what she hopes to be a breakout performance on Saturday night.

‘’We know that all it takes is one win and one big race to have people looking at you like you’re a somebody,’’ says Adams. ‘’We don’t want to just be another car on this roster. I don’t want to just be in the background of this division forever. We want to climb the rankings.”

Adams has worked diligently to improve her on-track performances in recent years and credits Sauble’s talent-laden roster with helping her sharpen her abilities.

‘’As far as the Thunder Car division goes – Sauble is just about the perfect place to learn,’’ says the multi-generational racer. ‘’This track is about as unforgiving as you can ask for and the roster here is super deep every single year.”

“You’re only going to get better racing against these guys. If you can find a way to run up front here, then you can run up front anywhere.”

With a recent uptick in results showcasing a rapidly improving program, Adams is confident her team is ready to turn a corner and join the division’s elite.

‘’We’ve gotten better with every one of our races this season,’’ says Adams. ‘”We can run side-by-side with just about anyone on this roster now, and that’s a huge accomplishment.”

“We’ll be ready to work this Saturday,” continues the daughter of longtime Sauble regular Steve Adams. “I know that the Invitational is probably going to bring in a few out-of-town teams, which should make things even more interesting. We’re taking a swing at this one. We’re ready to do anything we need to win and make a name for ourselves.”