Saturday’s Podium Finish Offers First Glimpse into Chris Allard’s Future Stardom

Chris Allard

INNISFIL, ON – It’s near impossible to take a walk through the Sunset Speedway pit area and not find a competitor or fan that is of the mind that Chris Allard is a star-in-the-making in the Super Stock division.

The blue-collar up-and-comer has an excellent pedigree (his father Paul is a multi-time Sunset Speedway feature winner), a never-say-die attitude and an unflinching work ethic that can rival that of any driver in any division.

This Saturday, Allard put all three of those factors together and broke through for not only his first career Super Stock qualifying heat win but also his first career Super Stock podium.

“This feeling right here is what we do this for,” beamed Allard in the pit area post-race. “Coming back to the [pit] pad and celebrating with these people around me is what drives me. This has all been such a group effort right from the start. This is incredible”.

In a division that has rapidly expanded in recent seasons in terms of technology and cost, Allard and his family-owned team of friends and volunteers is a throwback to the division’s proverbial glory days.

“We come from nothing by comparison to just about every other team in this division,” offers the second-generation competitor. “This [program] is built on doing a lot with a little every single Saturday. Some of these guys are out here racing with $50,000 programs. Are you kidding me? That’s crazy talk where I’m from”.

“We work hard to come out and scrap it out with teams that have a ton more funding than us. So, to have a run like this, it’s pretty incredible”.

And while the buzz surrounding his status as a can’t-miss prospect continues to grow, the former Mini Stock standout insists its not ranking or the admiration of others that fuels him.

“I do this for my team and I – that’s all,” states Allard matter-of-factly. “My family and my crew take a lot of hours out of their lives to work on this car and get me to the track. Because of that, every time I’m on track it’s with them in mind. I do this to give them something to be proud of”.

“This was the first big step for us,” adds the personable competitor. “You haven’t seen the last of us. This is just the beginning. I don’t need someone to come over and pat me on the head at the end of the night to know how much better we’re getting every Saturday. This was an awesome night – but we’re ready to do it all over again next weekend”.