Ryan Semple Settling into New Role as Championship Contender

Ryan Semple Sunset Speedway
LORETTO, ON – Perennial underdog Ryan Semple has shown a new side to his family-owned program in recent seasons. The longtime Super Stock regular tallied his first career division win in 2015 and, since then, has become a weekly threat in the talent-laden division.

Now, Semple is enjoying one of the most complete seasons of his career, and finds himself sitting 2nd in the championship points standings just 16-points removed from current leader Jordan Howse.

‘’I feel like this season – how good this car and this team is – has been about 10-years in the making for us,’’ explains Semple laughing. “I started racing real late compared to a lot of the kids in this division. My Dad didn’t have me in a quarter midget before I could walk, I wasn’t Karting when I was 5, I started in a Thunder Car after I graduated high school”.

“Everything about my program has been learned the hard way,” adds the Loretto, ON native. “We’ve just made the best use of our time in the division and we’ve learned a little bit more every year. Now, we have the chance to put it all together and it’s really started to work out”.

While Semple is more than happy to enjoy the fruits of his labour now, he makes no attempt to disguise the long road his team has travelled to become one of the division’s best.

‘’I think people have called me alot of things since I debuted in this division, but ‘overnight success’ has never been one of them,” shrugs ‘Kid Ruckus’. “It’s all been a process, man. Every step of the way”.

“Any feature our team has ever won has been because of hard work, research, more hard work and a ton of hours. We’ve never gotten away from that recipe. Anything we accomplish this season will be because of that”.

And if fans and competitors alike expect to see championship contention spur a new edge to Semple’s normal laid-back persona – the Auto Trim of Barrie-backed wheelman wastes little time in shaking off such a notion.

‘’I’ve seen guys that become way too immersed in this ‘points racing’ deal and it just kills any sense of fun for them,’’ says Semple. “That’s never going to be me. It’s not what I’m about and it’s not the way our team goes about things”.

“It’s fun being here – and its even more fun when you win – but I’m not about to let this completely take over my life and my personality”.

“I try not to take anything personally,” adds the well-liked veteran. “I don’t need to hate the guys I’m racing with to be motivated. You can count on us showing up every Saturday with our best stuff and then we’ll be ready to have a beer with the rest of the roster at the end of the night”.