Ryan Semple Not Yet Ready for Retirement

Ryan Semple
BAXTER, ON – After rumours swirled through the second half of the 2017 season that Super Stock mainstay Ryan Semple was preparing to disband his family-run team, the Sunset Speedway fan favourite has all but confirmed that he will be ready to race in 2018.

“There were more than a few moments last season where I really felt like I was ready to walk away,” explains Semple. “But, I’m not there yet. I’m not ready to quit entirely. It’s been a huge part of my life for the last decade – so it’s not as easy as locking the car in the trailer and forgetting about it.”

But although it’s obvious that Semple’s sense of competition is still alive and well – the Baxter, ON racer is not yet ready to commit to a fulltime schedule in 2018 without securing significant marketing support.

“We had an amazing season using a way smaller budget than a lot of the cars that we were racing against,” notes ‘Kid Ruckus’. “I feel like we proved a lot of people wrong who said that it would be impossible to make a push for a championship without spending crazy amounts of money.”

“I’m proud of what we did in 2017 and would love the chance to make another run at a championship next year,” continues Semple. “But, I don’t have the funding to do it out of pocket. If we can find a way to put together some sponsorship then we’ll absolutely be back fulltime.”

And, if Semple is unable to put together the funding required for a complete Sunset Speedway effort, he’s committed to keeping his low-budget effort as busy as possible.

“If we can’t get back to Sunset to run for a championship then we’ll definitely put together an ‘outlaw’ schedule,” says the multi-time feature winner. “We’ll try to hit as many different speedways as possible throughout the season. It’s something we’ve never done before as a team, so that could get interesting.”

“One way or another – I’m not retiring,” continues the fan favourite with a laugh. “This sport is way too hard to walk away from.”