Ryan Semple Believes He Will Be Doing More Crewing Then Racing In 2019

BAXTER, ON – From the moment his familiar No. 64 entered the team’s hauler to close out a 6th place finish at Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colours Classic weekend, not much information has leaked from Ryan Semple’s camp regarding their plans for the 2019 season.

While other teams are fashioning their schedules for the upcoming campaign, Semple has remained tight-lipped in terms of when and where we might compete. And, to hear Semple explain it, there’s a good reason for that.

“We haven’t really said anything – one way or the other – because we just made this a decision on what we’re doing,” explains the well-liked competitor. “I think there are a few teams that like putting stuff out there just to see how people will react – even if it’s not completely true. We don’t really have a ton of interest in doing that.”

“I prefer not to say anything until I know for sure,” continues Semple. “I mean, yah, I’d love to tell you that we’re going to be racing at times this year, but there’s a lot that has to happens behind the scenes before I can make even a those dates happen.”

Semple is now more focused on finishing a lot of projects around the house and taking a back seat from the wear and tear of working on a stockcar every night.

“This time last year I think we were a lot closer to stepping away from racing than a lot of people realized,” notes Semple. “It’s just getting hard for a team like ours to contend week in week out. The technology in these cars has come a long way, but all of that comes at a price.”

“I think our team still has a lot of races left to win but the real battle is going to be finding that extra support and sponsorship to make it happen,” continues the multi-time feature winner. “We’ve never given up on our stuff because we know just how good this team is. We’re just hoping for the chance to convince a couple financial backers that when we can go out there we can win them some races.”

So, while the 2019 plans are far from concrete at the time of this story, Semple insists his drive for competition level is still there just more towards Specials and not a championship.

“I’ve always said that when I stop caring and I stop having fun – that’s when I’ll walk away,” says Semple. “I’m definitely not there yet. It’s impossible not to have fun with the people I have around me, and I haven’t had a night at the speedway yet where I don’t care how we’re running. So, I know there’s still a lot of fight left in me.”

“We won a lot of races and been up front with some of the best guys in this division – and a lot of it has been through hard work and just doing more with less than almost any of them.”

“We’ve learned so much about this car in the last two years. We’ve been working hard week-in and week-out to make sure that we’re giving ourselves the chance to do something in this division. We aren’t done yet. We just need to figure some things out behind the scenes so that we can keep coming out and winning these trophies, but I also am really looking forward to helping my buddies with their programs and just having fun hanging out at different Speedway’s.”