Ryan Kimball Searching for Consistency During APC United Late Model Series Rookie Campaign

Ryan Kimall
NORWOOD, ON – With just a single top-5 finish to his credit this season, APC United Late Model Series freshman Flyin’ Ryan Kimball will enter Round 6 of the tour at Sauble Speedway on Saturday, August 4th in search of a much-needed breakthrough performance to generate some momentum for his Sean Grosman-owned outfit.

The team has long been a Ltd. Late Model powerhouse and acquired a brand new Fury Race Cars chassis for a first career run towards an APC United Late Model Series title in 2018. However, so far, Kimball and the SMG Motorsports team have shown flashes of promise but have not yet been able to string together a run of strong performances.

“We all knew there was a chance that we’d have to work real hard to get a feel for this car – but I’m not sure we figured it would be this frustrating,” says Kimball. “Any time you have a brand new car it’s a lot like having a blank canvas. We’re trying lots of different combinations and we feel like we’re real close to being at a point where we have a setup package that works for both the car and the driver.”

“I know these guys aren’t going to stop working until we have what we need,” adds the former Peterborough Speedway champion. “We just need to keep grinding and keep trying things. Once this car wakes up, I think we’re going to be a problem for every other team on this roster.”

The former Autumn Colours Classic winner will enter Sauble this weekend with the hopes of turning his season around, as the cross-province tour gears up for a very busy stretch to end its 2018 campaign.

“I really think that this car fits me well – we’re closing in on what we need to have a package that works week-to-week,” insists the Norwood, ON racer. “Fury [Race Cars]’s track record speaks for itself. There have been a lot of guys that have won a lot of races in these cars. We just need a little more time with ours to get it to that level. There isn’t a single guy on this team that’s afraid of hard work – so we know that we’re going to get where we need to go.”

Furthermore, Kimball doubles-down on his support for longtime friend and Crew Chief Graham Annis as the pair prepare for the final four races of the season.

“Man – I’ve known [Graham] Annis long enough to know that I don’t need to question what he’s doing,” smiles Kimball. “He’s a mad scientist. He was one of the most underrated minds (in the province) for a long time but I think a lot of people are starting to realize how good he is now. I couldn’t be happier to be teamed up with him as part of SMG [Motorsports].”

“There are weeks at a time where I swear he’s living in the shop,” continues the former Peterborough Speedway weekly champion. “I look at how hard he’s working and it makes me want to work just as hard. We have all the support we could ask for from Sean [Grosman] and I know that the groundwork we’re laying right now is going to pay off in a big way down the road.”