Ryan Kimball In Search of Next Crown Jewel Victory at Velocity 250

Ryan Kimball 2017

NORWOOD, ON – Former Autumn Colours Classic champion Ryan Kimball will look to add another marquee win to his resume this weekend, as his Sean Grosman-owned operation touches down at Sunset Speedway for a chance at winning his first career Velocity 250.

“I like to think that our team has a chance of winning no matter where we unload,” says Kimball with a shrug of confidence. “I don’t want anyone to think of that as us being cocky. That’s not at all what it is. We just take into account how hard we work and how much time we invest in our equipment.”

“We don’t take time off from our families and our everyday lives to try and run second,” laughs the former Peterborough Speedway champion. “We’re there to win.”

Despite Kimball’s unwavering confidence, he gives credit where it’s due when asked his opinion on the depth of talent at Sunset and the effort required to walk out with a Velocity 250 win.

“I don’t think it’s possible to come into Sunset and not expect to have to work,” reasons the Norwood, ON racer. “No matter what time of year it is, Sunset’s a tough place to race, but it’s especially tough at the Velocity.”

“This is an event that every team takes seriously,” continues Kimball. “Everybody wants to win it. You work hard all year to make sure you have a program that can come to Sunset and win on Velocity weekend.”

On the topic of strategy, Kimball’s outlook may very well fall under the ‘easier said than done’ category, however it rings true all the same.

“I know that without two good heat races on Saturday we might be in some trouble,” admits Kimball. “It’s just not a field that you want to have to fight your way through. It’s deep. You have Crown Jewel winners, ex-champions, guys that belong in the Hall of Fame.”

“It’s hard enough to pass one or two of them but you definitely don’t want to have to pass them all,” adds Flyin’ Ryan. “We’re going to do everything in our power to start up front and stay there all day.”