Rookie Connor James Continues Trending Upwards in Ltd. Late Model Division

Connor James

BRADFORD, ON – With virtually every start he’s made this season, Ltd. Late Model rookie Connor James continues to prove to the Ontario Short Track Scene that he will undoubtedly be a future contender in the division – likely sooner than later.
The Bradford, ON racer arrived on the proverbial scene after a successful 2017 season spent competing with both the Ontario Modified Racing Series and Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series – now he hopes to ascend to the top of Sunset’s headline division.
“Every time you see us take a step forward – it’s because of the hours,” smiles James. “That’s all it is. There’s definitely no magic formula to it. Just trial and error. Try something and, if it works, keep it. If not, scribble it out, crumple the page up and try something new.”
“If we have to take one step backward to take two steps forward – we have no issue with that,” adds the second-generation racer. “Every time we’ve hit the track it seems like we’re getting closer and closer to contention. It’s been huge for our confidence.”
James and his family-run team most recently tallied their first ever Ltd. Late Model podium finish on July 14th, earning a 3rd-place result during a Peterborough Speedway weekly event.
“That run at Peterborough was really just the perfect chance to show everyone how we’ve reinvented our program from where it was at the start of the year,” offers James. “No matter who you are in this division – you can’t even just be standing still. You need to always be working and always be advancing if you want even the tiniest chance of staying ahead of the curve.”
“I feel like we have a setup package underneath us now that gives us a fighting chance anywhere in the province,” adds the personable youngster. “We just have that strong base to start from. That’s what we’ve been working towards all season and now we have it. So we can adjust on that one way or another for what speedway we’re at and what the conditions are like.”
And, no matter how proud Connor is of his accomplishments and how much the team has grown and improved in just three short months, he makes sure to take every opportunity to give credit to his father Rob for keeping the team on track week-in and week-out.
“I can’t even talk about any of this without giving my dad all the credit in the world,” says James. “I’m sure there are a lot of nights – either at the track or at home in the shop – where he could be anywhere else on the planet but he’s putting all of his time and attention into this car and that just means the world to me.”
“There’s no chance I’d be racing if it wasn’t for him,” adds the former Mini Stock standout. “I could stand here all night talking about him and still not thank him enough. So, the goal is to definitely get him a feature win in this [Limited] Late Model one of these weeks. I think that would say ‘thank you’ better than I ever could.”