Robbie Sikes Intent on Closing Season off on a Positive Note at Sunset Speedway Velocity

Robbie Sikes 2017

HAWKESTONE, ON – Super Stock veteran ‘Ruthless’ Robbie Sikes will be back in Sunset Speedway competition this weekend, as his Polished Automotive-backed outfits prepares to contend for their first career Velocity 250 victory.

Sikes will be looking for a bright spot to close out an otherwise trying season, on what could be referred to as the biggest stage that Sunset Speedway can offer.

“I’ve been around this sport a long time but I’m not sure I could tell you another season of mine that can even come close to what 2017 has been,” says Sikes.

“It’s been a grind right from the start. It seems like nothing we’ve done has worked so far. It has you leaving the pits every week wondering what you can do to change your luck.”

However, despite an indisputably tough season, Sikes refuses to back down or relent in his pursuit of Super Stock triumph.

“We don’t quit – we never have,” insists ‘Ruthless’. “Our team can get knocked down, but we’re always going to get back up. That’s how we’ve always done it.”

“So, hell yah, you’ll see us at the Velocity,” adds Sikes. “We’ll be there ready to put in some work and take a swing at this deal one more time. We want to hit a home run before the season is over. Everything is wide open going into this weekend. As close as everyone is right now, it’s anyone’s race.”

With a field of well over 30-cars expected to descend upon Sunset this weekend, Sikes knows an impressive performance could be exactly what his team needs to close out their season on a high note.

“We need some good news before we pack this in for the year,” says Sikes. “We’ve worked so hard on this deal all season and it feels like we haven’t been able to take a step forward yet. It’s been frustrating.”

“But, a top-5 this weekend will change everything,” continues the Hawkestone, ON native. “It’ll make all that work feel worthwhile. We’ll ride that momentum right into next Spring.”