Robbie Sikes Aiming to take Next Step in ‘Comeback Tour’ during Sunset Double Feature Event

Robbie Sikes at Sunset Speedway 2017
HAWKESTONE, ON – Veteran Robbie Sikes is intent on continuing his ascent to the top of Sunset’s maddeningly competitive Super Stock division this Saturday, July 29th. Since returning from an extended hiatus, Sikes has started from square one with a newly acquired car and a restructured team.

This Saturday, the young veteran will have two chances to register his first top-5 of the season as Sunset hosts two 30-lap Super Stock events in a single night.

“Ever since we came back to racing, it’s been a game of inches for us,” explains Sikes. “You feel like you’re working yourself to death for a little bit of progress, and when it finally does happen it’s a half-step at a time. So, even if it might not look like we’re improving some nights, we definitely are”.

“It’s a good thing we’re patient guys,” adds the former Mini Stock racer with a laugh. “We’re focused on getting back up to speed with where these cars are at these days and what the best package available is. This is a real, real tough division to try and get your legs underneath you, because there aren’t a lot of guys out here looking to give you a hand up. It’s dog eat dog every Saturday”.

There’s no question that the younger generation of Super Stock racers have earned Sikes’ respect, as the racer with over a decade of experience wastes little time in crediting the division’s young stars for elevating the class to new heights.

“It’s pretty amazing to see where the [Super Stocks] are at these days,” admits Sikes. “I mean, this is about as fierce a group of guys to try and run with as you’ll find anywhere. This isn’t a ‘training wheels’ division. This isn’t somewhere you just use to stop and learn on your way somewhere else. These teams are the real deal”.

The Hawkestone, ON driver will look to take full advantage of the double feature events, as he hopes to remind the division just how capable of his self-owned team can be.

“We’re coming out this weekend with the full intention of putting the pressure on the rest of these guys – just like we’ve been trying to all year,” offers Sikes. “This isn’t a retirement tour for us. We’re not walking around taking pictures so we have something to remember. This is a comeback tour. We’re out here looking to jog memories and get back to the front and start winning some races again”.