Rising Star Chad Corcoran Making the Most of Ltd. Late Model Opportunity

Chad Corcoran
MILTON, ON – Former Flamboro Speedway Mini Stock and Pro Late Model feature winner Chad Corcoran has been a welcome surprise at Sunset Speedway events in 2018.

The Milton, ON product has made sporadic appearances in a car fielded by the longtime Sunset Speedway staple Zardo Racing team and has been inching closer and closer to his first win of the season with each start.

“If you had asked me in February what my plans were – I would have told you that there was a good chance I wouldn’t be racing at all this season,” admits Corcoran sheepishly. “Between sponsorship and just overall real-life stuff, I didn’t have what I needed to be able to put together a proper program this year. And, instead of coming out and doing things half-assed, I had sort’ve made peace with taking a year off to regroup”

“So, when Lane and his grandfather approached me to see if I wanted to drive their car – I don’t think it took me more than a second to jump at the chance,” continues the well-spoken 21-Year Old. “It’s a huge opportunity just to be affiliated with a team as accomplished as theirs. I really appreciate them for being willing to make a deal with me. I’m just trying to bring them some runs that they can be proud of”

Corcoran admits that, while having three cars of the same team on track can be trying at times, there are intrinsic benefits to working with teammates Lane and Billy Zardo.

“Having three cars on track at the same time can definitely make things a little complicated,” admits the second-generation racer. “But it’s also such a huge help when you have three guys running three cars in the same division. It just makes the information pool that much bigger. We’re all swapping notes and figuring things out together. It makes the team better as a whole – that’s for sure”

While Corcoran is unsure of just how many races he’ll be able to compete in this season, there’s no question that the ultra-competitive racer is hoping to leave a lasting impression on Sunset’s headline division.

“I’m going to be racing as much as I possibly can this Summer – and we’ll be looking to contend every time we hit the track,” says Corcoran. “The Zardos aren’t really interested in having a car that’s an ‘also-ran’ and neither am I – we’re motivated to find a way to come out and run at the front. That’s our goal every time we pull the car out of the trailer.”