Rick Spencer Walt Sets Sights on First Career Velocity 250 Win

Rick Walt at Sunset Speedway 2017

HAWKESTONE, ON – Sunset Speedway heavyweight Rick Walt will look to add another impressive win to his growing resume this weekend, as the Innisfil, ON oval plays host to its biggest event of the season – September 23rd and 24th’s Velocity 250 weekend.

“We’ve won some big races in the last few years but a win at the Velocity would be our biggest yet, for sure,” says Walt. “It’s something to put on your hero card.”

“A lot of guys bring their best stuff to this race to try and come out on top. It’s definitely a weekend that every guy on this roster takes seriously. It’s not just another event. It means something.”

Walt and Car Owner Eldon Wallis have fashioned a head-turning year in 2017, and the pair intends on continuing their recent hot streak this weekend with another win against a allstar calibre field.

“Eldon has this team humming right now,” nods ‘The Upgrade’. “I can’t explain how grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to put a piece like this on track every weekend.”

“Looking back on how far his team has come is absolutely a motivator,” adds Walt. “We brought all of these guys together and assembled this equipment to win races like this. This is what we’re here for. We don’t just want to be another team that’s participating. We want to win everything we enter.”

After having completed 35-lap races all season long, the third-generation racer is ready for the added challenge of a 75-lap event.

“I’m a ‘long run’ guy,” says Walt. “The more laps you give me, the better I’m going to be. With 75-laps on the board Sunday, I’m real confident our car will only get stronger as the day goes on.”

“We just need to be careful and bide our time early,” continues the Hawkestone, ON racer. “Because that’s when guys get careless and make mistakes. If you get too excited and use your stuff up, then you’re going to end up taking yourself out. We’re not going to fall into that. We’re going to do absolutely everything in our power to make sure we’re peaking at lap-75 when we need to.”