Rick Walt locks down the pole for Autumn colours classic and continues his search of Sunset Speedway Championship

Rick Walt Limited Late Model
ORO-MEDONTE, ON – 2017 championship hopeful Rick Walt continued his recent ascension through the Sunset Speedway points standings on Saturday night, tallying his 3rd feature win of the year as part of June 24th’s NASCAR Late Model triple-bill.

Post-race, Walt wasted little time indicating his Eldon Wallis-owned team has their sights dead set on the division’s points lead and the defending champion Gord Shepherd.

‘’We’re doing our best to make a habit of this,’’ smiled Walt in reference to his feature win trophy sitting atop his No. 31. “Once you can get your program rolling like this, it makes finding success a lot easier. I mean, beating these guys out here is never easy, but when you’re not chasing your setup and you’re not throwing the kitchen sink at your car on a Saturday afternoon – it’s a better experience from start to finish”.

“This is the best team I’ve ever had. This group of guys and this equipment is everything I could ever ask for. They prepare the car exactly the way I need it and make it so that all I need to worry about is making the right decisions on the track”.

With three wins in four events already this season, the third-generation racer’s spot as a certified championship contender is seemingly indisputable. And Walt, an enviable self-promoter, is confident his contemporaries are well aware of his team’s early-season prowess.

‘’We’re coming for the top spot in the standings – I don’t have any other way to put it,’’ said Walt matter-of-factly. “All these guys ahead of us in the points – they can act like they don’t hear us if they want – but we all know they do. We’re one of the hottest teams in this pit area right now. Not many are putting up the kind of numbers we are. We’re headed in one direction – and that’s forward. [Sunset Speedway NASCAR Late Model points leader] Gord [Shepherd] knows who his number one competitor is right now. And, if he doesn’t, he really should”.

‘’I’m just being honest when I say it’s going to be tough for these guys to hold us back,’’ said Walt when asked of his championship competition that includes Shepherd, Nick Goetz and former Sunset Speedway champion Taylor Holdaway. “We don’t take any shortcuts. We put the work in the right way. We do things the way we’re supposed to. And, above all else, we’re driven and we’re motivated. That’s a rough combination to deal with”.

“I have the best help, the best Car Owner and the best sponsors any driver could ever ask for,’’ added ‘The Upgrade’. ‘’We have momentum on our side right now. Every single time we park this thing under the flag-stand we get a little bit stronger. We’re not intimidated by a single person on this roster. We’re just going to settle in, keep rolling through these long nights in the shop and keep putting up numbers on Saturday. The points will figure themselves out from there”.

Sunday at Peterborough speedway, “The Big Ticket ” Cruised to A Heat Win and continued his 2017 winning ways by Leading the field to the checkers in the Late Model feature, Which locked up the pole for Autumn colours classic.

“What can I say, Then this car was a complete Rock-ship right out of the box today” we didn’t really even make any adjustments to her from sunset, This car loves both of these tracks and it make my crews job that much easier, We know that we’re in the mix at Sunset and we proved here last season, We can get the job done at Peterborough”.

Photo credit to Ashley McCubbin