Rick Spencer- Walt Views 2019 Super Late Model Venture as a “Sweet Dream” for Eldon Wallis-owned Team

Rick Spencer-Walt

ORO-MEDONTE, ON – Top contender Rick Spencer- Walt will continue to display his growing versatility this season, as his Eldon Wallis-led outfit has plans to enter Jukasa Motor Speedway and Sunset Speedway in 2019’s Ontario Outlaw Super Late Model Series events.

The reigning Sauble Speedway Ltd. Late Model champion and Great Lakes Concrete Series champ, former Peterborough Speedway champ has acquired a Super Late Model from longtime friend Dwayne Baker with the intention of further diversifying his already impressive resume.

“Our team is just a group of guys that can’t stand away from a challenge,” Voiced Spencer-Walt with a laugh. “[Car Owner] Eldon [Wallis] and I are cut from the same cloth that way. No matter how much success we have with our team, we’re always trying to figure out what the next test is and what we can do to take our program to the next level.”

‘The 2018 multiple champion still plans to pursue a full slate of Limited Late Model racing this season and maybe a few PLM races.

“Right now we’re still working out the logistics of our schedule – but the goal is to stay as busy as we can,” explains Spencer- Walt. “Eldon’s built up a pretty incredible operation over the last few years and we want to get as much out of it as possible.”

“We’re committed to chasing a Sunset [Speedway] championship with our Limited Late Model and, now that we have all these other pieces together, we’re ready to get out there and chase down some Super Late Model wins too.”

For Spencer- Walt and company, the decision to expand their program further revolves not only around how their fans view them now – but also how they’ll be remembered when their run is at its end.

“This is a dream come true move for us,” says Spencer- Walt. “We don’t want people to look at us as the guys that just dig in and one track and in one division because we can’t win anywhere else – that’s not the way I want to be remembered when I hang everything up.”

“I won in a Mini Stock and a Super Stock when I was younger. Then, I got together with Eldon and we’ve won two championships in a Limited Late [Model] and an APC [United Late Model Series] race in a Pro Late Model. Going out and knocking down some Super Late Model wins is the next logical step for us.”

“The competition (in Super Late Model racing) is top notch right now, so we know that we have our work cut out for us,” continues Walt. “But, we don’t come to the speedway just to collect pit passes. If we’re there, we’re doing everything we can to win. I’m confident we’ll be able to get this car up to speed and in contention, we may also take it to the US for some added fun at the end of the season in Ontario.”