Rick Spencer- Walt Ready to Take First Step Towards Sunset Speedway Championship this Saturday

Rick Walt

ORO-MEDONTE, ON – 2018 Sauble Speedway champion Rick Spencer- Walt will set off in search of his first ever Sunset Speedway Ltd. Late Model title this Saturday.

The Innisfil, ON 1/3-mile will welcome the 2019 season with a 50-lap event for its headline division, expected to draw some of the top Ltd. Late Model teams in Southern Ontario.

“Our goal is to use the 50-lapper this Saturday to find our rhythm,” explains Spencer-Walt. “We had that in 2018. We’re going to make sure that we have it again in 2019. Once a team gets into a rhythm it’s real tough to break it. You get to a point where you can unload on race day and just get a feel for what the car wants to do.”

“The sooner we can get to that place, the better we’re going to be and the harder we’ll be to beat,” adds Spencer- Walt. “It’s exactly what we want for an 18-week grind like the Sunset schedule.”

Spencer-Walt has risen to the status as one of the division’s most electric personalities, long on confidence with the proven ability to back it up.

This season, Spencer-walt will look to further cement his place as one of Ontario’s best – beginning with what he hopes will be a win in Round 1 of the schedule on Saturday.

“You’ll never catch me saying that I don’t believe this team has a chance of getting to victory lane,” Voiced the third-generation competitor. “Especially with this car and at this track.”

“The rest of these guys can call it cockiness if they want but I just have a belief in my team and the Sunset program we’ve worked so hard to built over the last three years. I’m looking forward to getting out of the box fast this weekend.”

‘Rick has won extended-distance events at Sunset in the past and will no doubt look to rely on that experience as he readies his team to put their stamp on the first headline-generating race of the new season.

“An ‘Opening Night’ win is always one that you want to tack onto your resume,” says Walt. “It’s going to be all about managing our stuff early on so we can have what we need to make that big push late in the race.”

“Those first 30-laps or so are really all about not creating any extra work for yourself. If you do something stupid early, there’s a good chance you’ll run out of laps before you can dig your way out of the hole. We’re ready to get after this one, though. We’ll be ready to do it the right way.”