Rick Spencer-Walt on the Hunt for Sunset Feature Win Number 6 this Saturday


Rick Walt at Sunset Speedway 2017ORO MEDONTE, ON – Sunset Speedway championship contender Rick Walt will be back in NWAAS action this Saturday, August 25th in search of his sixth NASCAR Late Model triumph of the 2017 season.

Walt will enter the event 51-points behind the leader in the current Sunset Speedway standings. However, despite the somewhat sizeable deficit, the third-generation star maintains that a focus on preparation and organization could help to quickly erase the chasm that separates his No. 31 team from the #1 spot they so covet.

“Right now – mistakes are the enemy for us,” says Walt. “Every single Saturday from now until the end of the season, we can’t accept anything less than the best version of our team. The guys were racing against want us to get sloppy. They want us to be disorganized. We can’t let that happen.”

Walt has made sure to be as forthcoming as possible as to his intentions for his Eldon Wallis-owned outfit – and many of them end with him rocketing to the top of the Sunset standings to clinch his first career NWAAS title.

“The plan was never to push this far just to come up short,” insists the polarizing standout. “That’s not how this ends for us. We’ve worked too hard and invested too much time to just settle for third-place and roll over.”

“This is a championship level team that we’ve built,” adds Walt. “We’re ready to push through to get to where we deserve to be. But, to do that, we gotta string together our best four nights of the year back-to-back-to-back.”

With top-5 finishes in 14 of his 20 starts this year, few could blame Walt for feeling more than capable of outrunning and outlasting any of the perennial heavy-hitters that call Sunset home.

“There’s not a single team on this roster that I’m intimidated by,” shrugs ‘The Upgrade’ with his trademark mix of confidence and intensity. “There are a lot of guys here that I respect. A lot of these guys have put up some awesome numbers this year. But, there’s nothing they have that we don’t.”

“This whole roster is full of strong teams with good equipment,” continues Walt. “And, at the end of the day, the guy at the top of the standings when this season ends is going to be the one that was willing to go that much farther and invest more of themselves than the next guy.”