Rick Spencer- Walt Looking To Add Another Championship In 2019

ORO-MEDONTE, ON – Never one to shy away from self-belief, accomplished Limited Late Model division heavyweight Rick Spencer- Walt feels as though the 2019 Sunset Speedway championship is his to lose after an off-season spent retooling and strengthening his Eldon Wallis-owned team.

“We’ve spent our entire off-season doing everything that we can to make our team even better,” details Walt. “We were good before. But, now, I feel like we’ve pushed ourselves to an entirely new level. It’s going to take a lot to knock us off of this championship – that’s for sure”

“If we didn’t think that we had a program that could win the championship – we’d stay home,” adds the polarizing standout matter-of-factly. “We haven’t put in all the effort that we have just to be placeholders. We’re coming to win races.”

‘The Upgrade’s recent history speaks for itself – with a 2016 Peterborough Speedway championship in addition to numerous large-scale event victories spread across Peterborough, Sunset and Sauble cementing his status as one of the top contenders in the Limited Late Model division at present.

“I’m proud of everything we’ve been able to do with this team – don’t get me wrong – but a Sunset (Speedway) championship is something that we’ve all wanted for a long time and just haven’t been able to make happen yet,” explains Spencer- Walt. “I feel like we won’t be able to really enjoy everything else that we’ve accomplished until we get this one out of the way”

“You could definitely say that we want this Sunset title more than anything in the world right now,” continues the Oro-Medonte, ON racer. “I consider us one of the favourites to clinch the championship because I know that we won’t stop working until it happens.”

For Spencer -Walt, the formula to winning a track championship is mired in simplicity on its surface: win races and pad your points lead.

“As a competitor I really do my best not to get lost in my own head and over-complicate things,” stated Spencer- Walt. “I do my best work when I can keep things as simple as possible. We’re coming into this season to chase down a championship – but that’s only going to happen if we can keep ourselves from not making too much of it”

“If you think too much you’re going to start to question yourself and doubt yourself – and that’s really not our style,” continues the third-generation racer. “My goal is going to be to come out and try to win every single week. If we win more races than anyone else it’s going to put us in a good place at the top of the standings – and that’s where we want to be.”