Rick Spencer-Walt Intent on Delivering Statement Performance in Sunset Speedway Opener

Rick Walt
ORO-MEDONTE, ON – 2017 Autumn Colours Classic champion Rick Walt will begin his season at Sunset Speedway’s April 28th lidlifter.

And, despite the fact that his program has been in the midst of an off-season hiatus since their most recent appearance at Peterborough Speedway in early October, the multi-time feature winner is not looking to accept anything less than the team’s best in their 2018 debut.

‘’If you’re trying to do this stuff at the level that we are – you can’t really come into the season and expect to take it easy for the first few races while you get up to speed,’’ explains Spencer-Walt.

“We’re putting in hours on hours right now to make sure that we can roll out of the trailer on Opening Night as close to mid-season form as we can get. You don’t get any ‘gimme nights’ in this division – not even on Night 1.”

The Oro-Medonte, ON native intends on using April 28th’s contest as a ‘show and prove’ night – in order to dictate to the rest of the wildly talented Ltd. Late Model division that his Jim Wilson Chevrolet-backed outfit will be one to contend with all season.

“I absolutely want to show the rest of this division how good we can be,” says ‘The Upgrade’. “Opening Night is one of those times where everyone is paying attention. We’re hoping to have a lot of eyes on us – which means we want to use that time to send the message to everyone that we’re the car to beat this year.”

“[Car Owner] Eldon [Wallis] and the rest of these guys have invested a lot of money and a lot of time in this program, and there’s no chance we’ve done that just to come out and race for second place”

When asked what competition level he expects to find at Sunset, Walt is sure to lend credit to his opposition as some of the top short track racers in Ontario.

“This roster is full of guys that can come out and give us problems every single night,” says Spencer-Walt. “That’s a huge motivator for us. We don’t want to be at a speedway where the roster is full of guys that are just cannon fodder.”

“We’re excited to race against teams that take their stuff as serious as we do. There are a lot of real talented guys on this roster – hopefully I can just be better than them every night.”