Rick Spencer- Walt First Weekend as Sunset Speedway Champion Results in Velocity Victory to Cap Off his 2019 Season

Rick Spencer- Walt

ORO-MEDONTE, ON – Rick Spencer- Walt’s first move as Sunset Speedway’s newly minted Limited Late Model champion was to double-down on his regular season success with an emphatic victory in the speedway’s end-of-season Velocity Weekend invitational.

In the week following his second career Velocity triumph, Walt insisted that his championship status did little to dull his motivation to add to his always-expanding resume in the win column.

“No matter what event we’re entering or what kind of a hot streak we’re on, the goal is always the same for us,” says Spencer- Walt. “We’re never not going to want to win. This team doesn’t leave the shop without wanting to unload with the best stuff possible and to outrun the guys that are trying to beat us. That’s it.”

“Whether it’s a regular weekly show or one of these Crown Jewel events we’re coming to run up front,” continues Walt. “I’m too damn competitive to do things any other way and so is every other guy on this team. It takes too much work to get to the track, so if you’re going to be here you should be doing everything you can to be up front.”

While the majority of Spencer-Walt’s efforts throughout the season are focused on short-distance weekly events at Sunset, his prowess in long-distance races is undisputed.

“We’ve worked on our short-run stuff all year but we’ve had a lot of confidence in our extended-distance package,” offers Spencer-Walt. “I can’t ask for a better team because I know that these guys are going to give me a shot to win no matter how many laps the race is. We can get the most out of our equipment no matter what.”

“The harder we work – the luckier we get,” adds ‘The Upgrade’. “When we have a car that’s had the right amount of attention paid to it all week it makes it a lot easier to make the quick decisions that we need to on race day. These cars are too advanced these days for you to show up half-ready. You’ll only get what you put in.”

For Spencer-Walt – and his Eldon Wallis-owned team – their first career Sunset Speedway championship combined with their second ever Velocity Weekend victory has their confidence as a group at an all time high.

“This division has you racing against elite-level guys every single week and it brings out the best in you,” explains the Oro-Medonte, ON native. “So when you run up front against them it’s tough not to feel good about yourself. Then, when you can do it all season long and then do it again in the biggest race of the year, yah – that’s a big confidence boost.”

“We believe that our program can race against anyone in Ontario and win,” continues Walt. “This team is the tip-of-the-spear as far as Late Model Racing goes. We put in the time and the effort and we make the right decisions at the right time. Because of that, everything else just falls into place.”