Rick Spencer- Walt Feels Team is Championship Ready for Inaugural APC Series Campaign

Rick Walt
ORO-MEDONTE, ON – Longtime Ltd. Late Model standout Rick Spencer- Walt will follow the APC United Late Model Series for the first time in 2018. While some industry insiders have pointed to the tour roster as representing the stiffest test in Walt’s career, the brash multi-time winner is confident his team will be able to rise to the occasion.

“We wouldn’t be going into this deal if we didn’t think we had what it took to win,” shrugs Walt with a smirk. “We’re not the guys that sit in the shop preparing and hoping that we can come out and run in the top-10. We want to win. We push ourselves to perform.”

“[Car Owner] Eldon Wallis has given me the best equipment and the best team I could have ever asked for,” adds ‘The Upgrade’. “He puts his all into getting this together and the least I can do is make sure I’m giving him my best effort. If I can show up at my best – and our team can perform the way I know they can – then we absolutely have enough to contend for that championship.”

Walt is no stranger to winning, having excelled in Barrie Speedway’s Thunder Car division before earning championship honours in Peterborough Speedway’s Ltd. Late Model division.

“Nobody ever remembers when you run second,” notes the 2017 Autumn Colours Classic champion. “That’s our mindset every time we roll up to a pit gate. No matter what we’re racing or where we are. We aim big. We want to win. Our team wants to be remembered as guys that were able to succeed in any situation.”

When asked how the team intends to outrun a tour stocked with the province’s elite, Walt outlines a plan that starts from the ground up.

“Our strategy to win championships starts with winning races,” says Walt. “If we can get this car to victory lane on the regular then the points will take care of themselves.”

“I don’t overthink things,” continues the Oro-Medonte, ON racer. “We need to work harder than the teams standing next to us and we need to make sure our car is the best in the pits every time the trailer door comes down. Everything comes after that.”