Rick Spencer- Walt Emerging as Inaugural Great Lakes Concrete Series Championship Contender

Rick Walt
ORO-MEDONTE, ON – After a spirited performance at Sauble Speedway on Sunday resulted in his first Great Lakes Concrete Series victory, talk has begun to intensify of just how likely Rick Spencer- Walt could be to contend for the 2018 Mini-Series title.

“Wether there are points on the line or not – that feeling of winning doesn’t ever get old,” grins Spencer-walt. “Racing is not the easiest pastime in the world – I mean it’s pretty much all scraped knuckles and empty wallets – but it’s all worth it when you can meet your guys in victory lane with a trophy and a checkered flag.”

‘The Upgrade’ credits his Eldon Wallis-owned team with helping to formulate a program capable of contending anywhere at any time against any grade of competition.

“We’re winning races and jumping into this points deal because this team is the most dedicated group of guys that anyone could ever ask for,” insists the Oro-Medonte, ON racer. “My team works just as hard as I do because we’re all in this together. We’re all in the shop – every night – getting covered in gear oil and brake dust, making sure that we have every box checked off for the next race.”

“I’m with these guys every step of the way just like I know they’re with me,” adds Walt. “I’m not some spoiled rich kid that jumps out of the car after the feature and says to the crew ‘that was fun – see you guys next Saturday’. That’s not the way I was brought up. You get what you put in.”

After having opened his 2018 season with hopes of contending for the APC United Late Model Series and Great Lakes Concrete Ltd. Late Model Series titles simultaneously, Walt has shuffled his plans to now focus primarily on the Ltd. Late Model Series split between Sunset and Sauble.

“We’ve made the decision to throw all of our weight behind this mini-Series right now as far as points-racing is concerned,” explains the former Peterborough Speedway champion. “At the end of the day, there’s just not enough hours and manpower to spread around when you’re trying to chase two titles in two different cars. It starts to feel like you’re fighting the whole province.”

“We’re definitely still going to make spot starts in weekly events at Sunset and Sauble and we still have a few Pro Late [Model] events scheduled too,” continues Walt. “But, as far as racing for a championship in 2018 goes, we’re focusing our energy on the [Great Lakes Concrete Ltd. Late Model Series.]”