Revamped Program Continues to Pay Dividends for Danny Benedict

ORONO, ON – Ltd. Late Model championship contender Danny Benedict returned to victory lane this past Saturday, dominating the evening’s first 35-Lap feature event to snap a two-week winless skid – the longest of his 2018 season to date.
“I felt like we were sliding into a bit of a mini-slump these past two weeks – so it was awesome to get back to victory lane,” says Benedict. “We had to reinvent a couple elements of our setup to wake ourselves up. It definitely worked. The car was a dream all night. Any time you can run up front against a field this deep it’s enough to send me home with a smile on my face.”
For Benedict, his hot start to the season is a constant reason to celebrate. Especially when he remembers just how difficult it was to originally transition to the wildly competitive headline division from his start as a multi-time Mini Stock feature winner.
“I’m grateful for the position we’re in right now because I can remember a time where we were pulling our hair out just trying to find a way to press forward every Saturday,” explains the second-generation standout with a smile.
“Two years ago we were spending hours and hours in the shop just trying to figure our program out and build a setup that could compete,” continues Benedict. “It was frustrating feeling like we were never getting closer to our goal – but all of those nights make the success we’re having now feel that much sweeter.”
But, no matter how strong Benedict appears on a nightly basis, he still values the team experience over where his No. 54 sits in the standings with just under two months of the season complete.
“We’re still way too early in the season for you to catch me worrying about points,” laughs Benedict. “Right now my goal is just to make sure that these guys that are helping me are having a good enough time to keep wanting to go through the grind of a season with me. It’s a lot easier to entice guys to spend night after night in the shop when you’re getting your picture taken in victory lane on a regular basis.”